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In Loving Memory of Nick Romano, HEAL NJ Coordinator
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Nick Romano was a survivor of Three Springs (Paint Rock Valley) and SLS Health.  He is the definition of hero.  We at HEAL will always remember Nick with love.  We plan to leave this as our primary embedded episode.  For more episodes, see links below.



The HEAL Report: Episode 51: HEAL Does DC!


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Summary and Full Statement and Legislative Request


Junius Wilson Info







The HEAL Report: Episode 51: HEAL Does DC!

The HEAL Report: Episode 50: La Europa Academy Exposed!

The HEAL Report: Episode 49: Tribute to HEAL NJ Coordinator Nick Romano is embedded at the top of this page and is exclusively available on this site.

The HEAL Report: Episode 48: Election 2016 Quiz Show Edition

The HEAL Report: Episode 47: Aspen Ranch Exposed!

The HEAL Report: Episode 46: Hoosier School Heist

The HEAL Report: Episode 45: 2016 Party Platforms

The HEAL Report: Episode 44: Cross Creek Exposed! (Redux)

The HEAL Report: Episode 43: Judgment Day's Coming to Alabama!

The HEAL Report: Episode 42: Child and Labor Trafficking in the US

The HEAL Report: Episode 41: The Hyde School Exposed!

The HEAL Report: Episode 40: Abundant Life Academy Exposed!

The HEAL Report: Episode 39: Civil Commitment

The HEAL Report: Episode 38: Not With The Program (Zack Bonnie)

The HEAL Report: Episode 37: Founder Ginger McNulty

The HEAL Report: Episode 36: Voting Independent? (Part 6)

The HEAL Report: Episode 35: Voting Independent? (Part 5)

The HEAL Report: Episode 34: Voting Independent? (Part 4)

The HEAL Report Episode 33: Voting Independent? (Part 3)

The HEAL Report: Episode 32: Voting Independent? (Part 2)

The HEAL Report: Episode 31: Voting Independent? (Part 1)

The HEAL Report: Episode 30: Voting Democratic? (Part 3)

The HEAL Report: Episode 29: Voting Democratic? (Part 2)

The HEAL Report: Episode 28: Voting Democratic? (Part One)

The HEAL Report: Episode 27: Remembering Jon Martin-Crawford

The HEAL Report: Episode 26: Hope Christian Home and Academy Exposed!

The HEAL Report: Episode 25: Voting Republican? Part 5 (Final)

The HEAL Report: Episode 24: Voting Republican? Part 4

The HEAL Report: Episode 23: Voting Republican? Part 3

The HEAL Report: Episode 22: Voting Republican?  Part 2

The HEAL Report: Episode 21: Voting Republican?

The HEAL Report: Episode 20: History Lesson on Institutionalized Abuse

The HEAL Report: Episode 19: Why Teen Liberty?

The HEAL Report: Episode 18: Is Lifeline, Inc. the New "Straight, Inc."?

The HEAL Report: Episode 17 Interview with former resident of Chamberlain International School in MA has been removed solely by and at the request of HEAL and HEAL Primary Volunteers.  For information on Chamberlain, visit

The HEAL Report: Episode 16: The Abortion Debate

The HEAL Report: Episode 15: Animal Rights and Institutionalized Exploitation

The HEAL Report: Episode 14: Institutional Abuse in Georgia's Youth Programs

The HEAL Report: Episode 13: ACTION SPOTLIGHT!

(Episode 13 Related Alerts and Sites Are Available at bottom of page.)**

The HEAL Report: Episode 12: Interview with Dr. Janet Parker of Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network

(Episode 12 Related Documents and Sites Are Available at bottom of page.)*

"The HEAL Report: Episode 11: Free Fletcher" has been made private per request of the family.  We are happy to report that Fletcher is now FREE and HOME!

The HEAL Report: Episode 10: Spotlights and Tributes

The HEAL Report: Episode 9: The Crimes of Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) in Canada

The HEAL Report: Episode 8: What Went on at Children's Psychiatric Hospital and New Bethany?

The HEAL Report: Episode 7: Trouble's Brewing in Kentucky and Lousiana!

The HEAL Report: Episode 6: : Institutional Elderly and Child Abuse in Utah!

The HEAL Report: Episode 5: Happy News Year!

The HEAL Report: Episode 4: Recent Program-Related Deaths and Progress in New Mexico

The HEAL Report Returns: Promo

The HEAL Report: Episode 3: Kidnapped for Christ Screening in Long Beach, CA November 1st, 2014

The HEAL Report: "Kidnapped for Christ" Promo

The HEAL Report: HEAL Action Alert: Please Support Petition to Allow Victims to Testify Remotely

he HEAL Report: HEAL Action Alert: Illinois Residents Please Support Petition to Stop Child Abuse!

The HEAL Report: Episode 2: Jill Vanderwater Remembered

Document: Jill Vanderwater...In Her Own Words...

The HEAL Report: Episode 1: Escape from New Bethany

The HEAL Report: PREVIEW: Escape from New Bethany

*"The HEAL Report - Premieres July 4th, 2014" published on June 29th, 2014 on The HEAL Report YouTube Channel did not transfer to our primary YouTube account effectively and therefore this promo is not included here.

House Committee on Education and Labor: 10/10/07 Complete Hearing

House Committee on Education and Labor: 04/24/08 Complete Hearing

Please Listen To Them

March Against Child Abuse, April 2013

Hephzibah House Survivors Protest at Calvary Bible Church

Masters of Deception (Architects of Abuse) Part 3

Masters of Deception (Architects of Abuse) Part 2

Masters of Deception (Architects of Abuse) Part 1

Pathway Family Center IS CLOSED!!!

Do Troubled Programs for Teens Get Away with Murder?

Strangest FAQ HEAL Gets...And The Answer Is...

Teen Liberty Lecture @ University of Washington

HEAL-Illinois Chapter Introduction

AARC-(Straight, Inc.) part 4

Provo Canyon School Part 4

Provo Canyon School Part 3

Provo Canyon School Part 2

Provo Canyon School Part 1

Provo Canyon School Exposed! Part 2 of 2

Provo Canyon School Exposed! Part 1 of 2

Pathway Family Center Acquires KHK!

Cross Creek WWASPS Facility


*Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Documents and Links

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network (MWAN)

MWAN Accountability Report Card

MWAN Voiceless Victims

MWAN Human Rights

MWAN Report to UN on RTC Abuses in US

MWAN UN Executive Summary

MWAN 2015 UN Submission

1974 Congressional Report on Federal Role in Behavior Modification

Wes Fager's Site

Psych Rights

UN Torture Reporting Guide

Stop Guardian Abuse


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Book: Story of Jane


If Personhood from Conception Adopted as Law, Would Surviving Twin that Absorbs Other Twin Be Prosecuted?


Book: The Abortionist

Episode 16 Links Cont.:!mission/c13dm




What Do Egg Farmers Do with Male Chicks?


HEAL Blog: The HEAL Debate Follow Up Article

Current Science on Fetal Nerve/Pain Development

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Pence:   (Pence is Pro-TPP and "right to work" as is Tim Kaine)


Weld: (Supports TPP)  (Weld appears silent on "right-to-work" but Gary Johnson, the ticket lead, supports right-to-work laws:,_2016/Labor_and_employment )


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Fairy Tale Stein Question


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UHS/Kaine Abuse Cover Up


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Crosswinds/Pence Question  and


Gulen/Clinton Question


Charters/Private Prisons/Johnson Question


Aspen/CRC/Clinton Question


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